Who am I?

My name is Abigail Henning and I am a Brooklyn transplant living in Berlin, Germany.  I believe my greatest responsibility to myself,  and others, is to live my most authentic life.  I embrace opportunities for growth and find strength in self-reflection, self-care and remaining curious.  My professional and personal philosophy is that we must give ourselves time and space to recognize our intuition.  Only then can we create authentic intentions and find a strategy that works for us.  


Who are you?

I work with clients who are committed to improving their lives and believe in the power of change.  Areas for growth and improvement include: Professional, Relationships, Time Management, Creativity and Personal Foundations.  


Who am I as your coach?

I want to be your personal project manager.  As your coach, I provide the space and structure to have an objective conversation about your goals in life.  I am grateful to have found a career in coaching that allows my natural strengths and passions to flourish.  I am an empathetic and strategic person who is passionate about empowering others to live their best life.  I graduated from Trinity College in 2005 and spent several years working in sales and marketing for major publishing houses in Manhattan.  In 2009 I joined a fast growing and exciting technology start-up where my career thrived in sales and project management.  In 2014 I made the decision to pursue a profession that helps people find and reach their potential.  I spent the fall in London studying Positive Psychology and coaching with one of the UK's top professional coaches, Phil Bolton.  I received a certificate in coaching from The Coaching School.  I am currently working towards an ICF Associate Certified Accreditation.